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01 /Nash Motorsport Engineering

Nash Motorsport Engineering (Pty) Limited was established for the express purpose of bringing into production a 2-seater, circuit racing sports prototype that is affordable to buy, race, and maintain.

Development and engineering activities are led by Mathew Nash, a career motorsport engineer with experience in many forms of racing in both South Africa and Europe.

02 /Our Vision

With the popularity of prototype sports car racing growing globally, we identified the need for a sports racing car that is authentic, accessible, and cost effective. Combining proven race-car design practice with a robust, high-volume series production 2-litre engine & transmission from Volkswagen, the Nash MVW3 is a reliable, easy to maintain, and cost effective track car ideal for short and long-form racing as well as for track-day thrills, driver training, and corporate experiences.

03 /Single Specification

Owners of the Nash MVW3 are encouraged to race their cars without modification. This single-specification concept is intended to deliver close, competitive racing from the outset with a focus on driver skills rather than engineering wizardry.
Similarly, eliminating modification ensures reliable, cost-effective competition that is immediately accessible to those new to racing and to the more experienced competitor alike.

04 /Race Series

The Nash MVW3 is eligible to compete in a variety of South African race series from 'club' sprint events through to national multi-driver Endurance races of between four and six hours duration.

A number of events across various formats will be combined to form the 'Nash MVW3' championship for those cars competing unmodified and to strict factory specification.


01 /Chassis

The chassis is of tubular steel space-frame construction with double-wishbone suspension and custom inboard mounted front & rear shock absorbers. Safety features include integral roll-over protection, side-impact bars, and a front impact-absorption structure. Brake and steering systems are primarily VW Golf components. Wheels are 13" x 7" carrying durable semi-slick performance tyres.

02 /Body & Cockpit

Bodywork is an aerodynamic five-piece GRP open-cockpit design with a high-quality gel coat finish. Fitted with two seats and 6-point race harnesses, the adjustable pedal box and steering column assure optimal driver comfort and control. Even with the small race-orientated wheel, steering remains light while essential driver information is delivered via a digital dash incorporating shift lights, predictive lap timing, & data logging.

03 /Engine & Gearbox

Both the 2 litre 8-valve engine and its five-speed gearbox are fully reconditioned and upgraded in-house with a performance camshaft, lightened flywheel, and custom engine control unit (ECU). Together, they are mounted transversely at the rear of the car with drive direct to the rear wheels. Engine parameters are checked and certified prior to delivery.

04 /Performance

With an overall 'dry' weight of ±530kg, even the lightly modified engine delivers exhilarating performance without compromise to reliability or durability. The car's light weight also ensures nimble, responsive, handling while the aerodynamic design adds to overall grip and cornering prowess. For a performance sports racing car, fuel consumption is relatively modest making the 70 litre fuel tank ideal for endurance events.


01 /Test

Contact us for a test drive. Test drives are subject to availability of a suitable circuit and numbers of participants. No insurance is provided. Drivers participate at their own risk and are liable for any damage caused. A refundable deposit of R5,000 together with a test fee of R3,500 is payable in advance and covers operating expenses and circuit fees for a minimum of 12kms at the wheel and 12kms as a passenger. A valid car driver's license is required but a waiver for under-age drivers with proven track experience may be granted. The test fee will be credited against the purchase of a car.

02 /Train

A factory-run Nash MVW3 can can be made available together with an experienced instructor as part of a performance or track driver training programme. Programmes are tailored to individual needs and further details are available upon request.

03 /Share

The Nash MVW3 is made for sharing!

Share the driver's seat - or even ownership - and compete together in longer-form events such as the national South African Endurance Series.

Share with friends & family at one of the many track days at your local circuit. Share the excitement of an authentic circuit racing car in a controlled, non-competitive, environment.

04 /Compete

However you decide to enjoy your Nash MVW3 or where you decide to compete, you are assured of arguably the most versatile and cost-effective performance car in which to explore and develop your on-track skills.


01 /Storage & Preparation

The Nash MVW3 is designed to require only a minimum amount of preparation and requires only the most basic of skills to maintain race-readiness.

For those without the space to store their car or without the inclination to perform basic maintenance, Nash Motorsport provides customised storage and support packages from periodic circuit preparation to comprehensive arrive-and-drive solutions.

02 /Pre-season makeover

Owners can take advantage of a pre-season makeover which includes a deep-clean, flush-through of fuel and water systems, replacement of the normal 'service' items such as engine filters and belts, plugs, lubricants, as well as replacement of hydraulic system seals and all control cables, rod-ends, and wheel bearings. Price on application

03 /Trackside

For events making up both the national South African Endurance Series and the regional NSCC series for sports racing cars, Nash Motorsport provides track-side technical advice together with an 'emergency' stock of those components that generally suffer most when enthusiasm eclipses talent.

04 /Apparel

A range of branded trackside apparel is available which can, subject to order volume, be further customised according to team, sponsor, and drivers.


01 /Production

Production highlights include the following achievements

  • December 2015 - Pre-production prototype first track test.
  • April 2016 - Manufacturing facility established in north-west Johannesburg.
  • February 2017 - First production examples delivered - two car entry Phakisa 6-Hour.
  • September - December 2017 - 'B spec' modifications introduced and retrospectively implemented to all chassis.
  • August 2018 - chassis #10 completed for delivery.
  • October 2018 - production of further ten cars commenced.
  • January 2019 - final car from first production run completed for delivery.

02 /Competition

2017 national South African Endurance Championship (six events)

  • Championship - 5th overall & index-of performance (Bateleur Motorsport)
  • Championship - 1st in class (Bateleur Motorsport)
  • 5 class victories
  • Overall event 'index-of'-performance' victory - Kyalami 1-hour (TUI South Africa)


2018 national South African Endurance Championship (five events)

  • Season opening 6-hour @ Phakisa - 5 car entry
  • Championship - 1st in class (Nash Motorsport)
  • Multiple class victories
  • Overall event 'index-of-performance' victory - Zwartkops 4-hour (Campos Transport)
  • Numerically most well represented car / manufacturer


2018 NSCC (regional sports racing car sprint series - five events)

  • Multiple class victories
  • Peak entries - 7 x Nash MVW3


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