what we do

High on thrills - Low on costs.

Nash & Shelby

Nash Motorsport was brought into being through a passion for motorsport. With experience of many different racing cars and categories, the Nash Motorsport founders are driven by the desire to deliver an affordable, durable, yet authentic sports racing car that is cost-effective to buy, race, and maintain.

The company also manufactures and distributes a growing range of components for use across a variety of forms of motorsport.

About the Nash MVW3

Exhilaration on a budget.

The first production sports racing car, the 2-seater MVW3, ensures cost containment through its use of series-production components who's reliability has been proven in the many millions early-series Golfs manufactured by Volkswagen over the years.

The light weight of the Nash MVW3 coupled to the standard 2 litre four-cylinder 8-valve motor (which is modified only in respect of a high-performance camshaft, lightened flywheel, and dedicated engine management system) delivers sparkling on-track performance with a level of durability making it ideal for both sprint and longer-form endurance racing.

Requiring only a minimum of maintenance and with an abundant availability of low-cost spares, there is likely no more cost-effective a path to sport car racing enjoyment.

Mission & values

The best of all worlds.

In delivering its sport racing cars to its customers, Nash Motorsport is focused upon

  • Authenticity in performance & appearance
  • Strength in design and construction
  • Safety through intelligent engineering
  • Durability using production car components
  • Lightweight, adjustable controls
  • Spacious cockpit for superior comfort
  • Low costs of entry and ownership
  • Service through spare parts and support
  • Track-side support at selected race meetings
  • Emphasis on driving skills; not tuning skills
  • Racing in a variety of styles and series
  • A growing community of enthusiasts

Behind the scenes

James ForbesJames Forbes
James is Nash Motorsport's Director responsible for commercial affairs.

Born in the UK, James has headed up businesses in Europe, Australasia, and Africa as well as serving as director and CEO of a publicly listed gaming & hospitality business in the USA.

An enthusiastic amateur motorsport competitor for a number of years, James' engineering prowess permits him to look, but not touch.

Matthew NashMatthew Nash
Matt is Nash Motorsport's Director responsible for Design & Engineering.

In a career in motorsport engineering spanning 15 years, including a number of years with professional teams contesting single-seater championships in Europe, Matt has extensive experience of chassis design and development in a variety of formats.

He has also played a substantial role in the conduct and organisation of South African single-seater formulae and reportedly has a predilection for 'Salty Cracks'.