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What delays?….well perhaps a few…

Even the best laid plans occasionally fall foul of 'challenges'. The absence of posts over the last couple of months is down to the distractions of refining the extremely detailed dimensioning of all the individual chassis components for the purposes of laser cutting; a process which provides for efficiency and consistency in order to optimise series production as well as ease of assembly. While the time lost is understandably frustrating, the longer term benefits are invaluable as the time required to then jig and weld each chassis is slashed to a fraction of what would have been required if each element had to be conventionally fitted and fettled by hand.

Finalisation of this detailinimg_3253g was accomplished mid-November 2016 and delivery to the factory of the 11 complete sets of laser-cut chassis components around 10 days later enabled production to finally commence with the first complete chassis returning from powder-coating at the beginning of December 2016.

Behind the gleaming powder-coated chassis can be seen a first mock-up of the graphics kit which consists of one primary and two secondary colours from which each owner will be able to select a combination from a broad palette of colours to create a 'livery' that will be unique to each owner. In this way, each Nash MVW3 will have its own clear identity without need of paintwork and the single-colour gel coat in which all body panels are finished will make repair or replacement of any panel a breeze as the 'correct' panel will always be in stock and replacement vinyl graphics are quickly reproduced at the Nash Motorsport Engineering factory.

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