Mince Pies & Welding Rods

23 December 2016 - According to the radio, it is almost Christmas but for the production team at Nash Motorsport Engineering, Christmas 2016 will be little more than a brief interlude for a festive mince pie and replenishment of welding rods.

img_3279With delays of around 10 weeks in our build plans to recover, our fabrication and assembly team will be working right through the summer break to ensure that five production examples of the Nash MVW3 are available for delivery during January 2017 with a further five examples available prior to the start of the 2017 racing season towards the end of February.

As well as completing further production chassis in readiness for powder-coating, assembly of the pre-production demonstrator is now essentially complete from a mechanical perspective and forms the platform upon which a template for the braided-hose hydraulic lines has been crafted by International Race Supplies and the wiring loom similarly created by Cantwell Racing Engines that can then be readily reproduced for plug-and-play installation or replacement.

img_3280Aluminium cladding has been paneled to the chassis and the balance of ancillary equipment prepared for final fitment.

The image to the left is of a host of the 'Universal Bracket' that performs various tasks on the Nash MVW3 including acting as the main wishbone bracket on all four corners of the car. Using a single, simple design for a multitude of functions helps reduce costs of manufacture as well as the costs of maintenance and repair.

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