SA Endurance Racing 2017 welcomes the Nash MVW3

checkered-flags-psd-icon-psdgraphics-lgic6z-clipart27 December 2016 - Just prior to Christmas, the organisers of the South African Endurance race series published regulations and event calendar for the 2017 National Championship which now includes a class tailored to owners of the Nash MVW3.

In essence, this class will cater to sports racing cars of up to 2000 cc but with an exclusion of all forms of forced induction and with a prohibition on the use of 'slick' racing tyres. This class has been created expressly for the purpose of building a category of authentic sports racing cars that can compete on modest budget while eliminating costly technology escalations and compromises to reliability.

The first event of the 6-or-7 race series will be a 6-hour race at the Phakisa Raceway on 25 February 2017, 3-hour races at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, & Port Shepstone during the course of the year, and culminating in a 9-hour race back at Phakisa in early November with the prospect, perhaps, of a 500 km race at Kyalami in early December.

Suffice to say, the Nash MVW3 is perhaps the most cost effective means of competing in this prestigious series while enjoying authentic sport racing car performance and what should prove to be a highly competitive class.

For more information on regulations and event calendar, visit

In related news and adding to the appeal of the Nash MVW3 for Endurance Racing purposes, discussions are well advanced with Radio Reynolds to offer their two-way radio system as an OEM option which, if selected, would see the car delivered with a fully customised installation unique to the Nash MVW3 to which can be added a choice of helmet and pit crew kits.

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