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Sub-assemblies enter production

img_285711 October 2016 - As work on the production jig and chassis for the pre-production demonstrator progresses, sub-assemblies for the first 10 production examples of the Nash MVW3 are steadily taking shape.

Uprights have been fabricated and coated to which bearings, wheel hub, and ventilated brake discs are fitted. Later, the racy red brake calipers will be added to yield a completed sub-assembly. Except in that the brake calipers are left-or-right handed, the universal upright assembly is fitted to all four corners of the car for simplicity of both production and maintenance.

img_2858Also shown are a dozen VW fuel rails which have been modified for durability under racing conditions. Once fitted, these rails will carry fuel under pressure to the four injectors which, at the direction of the Engine Control Unit, deliver metered amounts of fuel to optimise combustion and performance.


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